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Intentionality …it can change so many things, but one of the most important things it can affect is the relationships with the people around us. What if there was a place you could take someone you care about, beyond the distractions of life—a place where you could show your love and intentionality toward them?

Places like this do exist, and the Bolt Farm Treehouse is one such place. From its very construction, the treehouse was created to foster intentionality within relationships, and was designed to do so while upholding a standard of excellence in everything for its guests. Built in 2015 as a cooperative effort between Seth Bolt, founding member of beloved rock band NEEDTOBREATHE, and his father, Larry Bolt. Together they brought decades of building experience, artistic perspective, and a passion for excellence to create what started as an incredible escape from the distractions of life for friends and family alike, and grew to become something bigger than either of them ever imagined. Having received over 160 five-star reviews on AirBNB, it has been named “The Number One Place to Stay in South Carolina,” by Only In Your State, and one of the top five treehouses in the South, by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. This unique getaway is every romantic’s dream, which comes at no surprise once you learn that the standard that Seth had in mind when designing the treehouse was to create a romantic haven for his future bride, whom he had yet to even meet.

Every detail of this destination was created to help the guests to disconnect from the rest of the world and allow them to invest in themselves, whether it be as a married couple seeking time to be together without distraction, a mother-daughter trip to reconnect and build a deeper relationship, or as an individual seeking inspiration or simply to find rest in nature’s beauty.  It includes the “five star phone resort” to encourage disconnecting. Guests are even presented the option of having an 100% organic hand-prepared meal delivered right to the treehouse. This picturesque “Royal-Vintage” treehouse sits on 40 acres of farmland and forest in beautiful Walhalla, South Carolina, just a couple hours from Atlanta. And while maintaining that perfect  blend of nature and comfort, Bolt Farm Treehouse is fully furnished, has a fireplace, outdoor rope bed, 2-person hammock, chandeliers, vintage board games, record player, treetop dining room with ice box, and propane grill, and is equipped with a bathroom, electricity, and heater/ AC unit. It also includes an outdoor shower that provides views of the woods, while still giving guests full privacy.


Their Charleston, SC location features four distinct treehouses on 30 acres lined by a tidal creek.

And now features treehouses and domes in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The ultimate, nature-immersive travel experience on a mountaintop near Chattanooga.

Book a month at The Honeymoon Treehouse — BOLT FARM TREEHOUSE

With growing renown and the demand that comes with it, the treehouses continue to book out far in advance. So start planning ahead now for a getaway that you will never forget, and be on the lookout as dates for 2022 start opening for booking.

(For the full list of amenities and for booking information, search Walhalla, SC destinations on or to check out the Bolt Farm Treehouse.)