God’s Recipe For Success Craig Jones // September 3, 2020
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Is there really a recipe for success? Is there a plan that we can follow that guarantees that we achieve our goals in life? A lot of people have wasted time, energy, and money on get-rich-quick schemes, but only God’s word can guarantee us success.

Hebrews chapter 6, verse 12 says:

Don’t become lazy, but be imitators of those who inherit the promises through faith and perseverance.

This scripture gives us a powerful recipe for success. For this scripture to work, you have to apply every truth represented. Just like when you bake a cake, you have to use all the required ingredients and follow the steps in the recipe to make it delicious. So let’s look at what God’s recipe for success calls for.

It starts by saying “Don’t be lazy.” For us to make this recipe work, we have to understand that it takes work. A lot of people are dreamers, but it takes more than a dream. At some point, you have to wake up and pursue your dream.

In my home, we love to watch cooking competitions, and afterward, my daughter wants to help her mother in the kitchen. Something about watching others create something makes us want to do the same, and that’s exactly what this scripture tells us…be an imitator of greatness. When you see people succeed, watch what makes them great and apply it to your dream.

This Scripture specifically tells us that the two main ingredients for success are faith and perseverance. Faith means you have to believe in what you are doing. When I was in high school, I worked as a telemarketer for one week and hated it. There were many reasons I despised it, but mostly I could not get excited about selling magazines. However, as a pastor, I love sharing with people the life-changing truths of God’s word. I love what I do, and I believe in it. So whatever you decide to pursue in life, make sure it’s something you’re passionate about.

The next ingredient in the recipe for success is the one most people seem to be lacking. It says that to inherit the promise, you must have perseverance. You have to believe in what you are doing so much that you won’t give up. Anything worth having is worth fighting for. In my experience, most people give up when they are right at the door of success.

So discover what you’re really passionate about and pursue it without the option to quit. Everyone wants success, but you can actually have it if you believe in what you are doing so much that, no matter how hard the road, you determine that you will never give up on the journey.

Craig Jones

Craig Jones

Craig Jones is the founding and lead pastor of Abiding Church. He moved his family to Atlanta in 2014 to plant the church God had laid on his heart. As a Minister of the word, Pastor Craig is gifted at presenting God’s truth in a simple and powerful way that reaches beyond the walls of the church. He is passionate about leadership & developing the potential in others, and this can be seen in every aspect of his life & ministry. Craig and his wife Janna have 2 children: Sophia & Grayson.