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Sixth-grade student Mason Meadows became a real-life hero this week. During lunch, Mason’s friend Reilly began choking on a piece of hard candy. It quickly becomes clear that Reilly was in real danger. Without hesitating, Mason got up from his seat and began helping Reilly, successfully administering the Heimlich maneuver as other students got help from teachers and the school nurse. Mason successfully dislodged the candy and was greatly commended by school nurse Jane Soulis, who checked Reilly immediately following the incident.

photo credit Caroline Clark

“One child dies from choking in the United States every five days. To know we have students like Mason who know what to do and can do it quickly under pressure is truly commendable,” says Nurse Soulis.

A member of student government and multiple athletic teams, Mason is an exemplary student by all regards at NCCS. With noticeable emotion, Nurse Soulis presented Mason with an Eagle Challenge Coin during Middle School chapel. The coins are given to MS students who display exceptional Christian character and selflessness.

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Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor