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By Terence Chatmon

The statistics about our nation’s crumbling family infrastructure are alarming. We’ve all heard before the devastating impact of absentee fathers, and of course we share concern for our children’s future, knowing that so many young people leave their Christian upbringing when they go away to college and don’t know how to defend their faith to a cynical world.

I believe we already have the answers to these problems, but the question is, are we going to act on it? We know that fathers should be spiritually leading their children and parents should be ensuring that discipleship is taking place inside the home. Yet again and again – for two generations – we have failed to make a reality what we know is right in our hearts.

I say, let’s make this the generation that finally acts on what it believes. Let’s make our families great again! Let’s strengthen the foundation that supports this great nation. The foundation of marriage must be upheld. Parenting around Christian core values must be the topic of the dinner table again. We must teach our children day and night for generations upon generations.

So, how do we do that? How do parents ever attach this hope to an ongoing plan that takes us back to the cross daily? I learned how to do this with my family through personal experience. I realized I already know how to develop a plan to aid a company in reaching its stated goals, and I decided to apply this to my family. We had a family discussion to figure out, what are our goals? We wrote down what we hoped to achieve and brainstormed some strategies for helping to reach those goals. We came up with a family plan worksheet that I believe is a powerful tool adaptable to any family situation.

Let’s make a strong family again. Let’s make it a reality by putting faith to action through a generational spiritual development plan designed for you and your family. It’s time to repair the tear in the fabric of America by restoring our families and ensuring discipleship is taking place in the home.

Imagine a generation of your family who knows God with intimate familiarity. Who doesn’t just pretend at faith but actually lives it. Kids who can tell you what they believe and why it matters. Teenagers who handle adversity with the resilient joy of godly wisdom. A family who prays together and worships together, growing into young adults who are equipped and inspired to keep this torch ablaze from the moment their own new families begin!


Terence Chatmon is president and CEO of the Fellowship of Companies for Christ International (, a network of executives spanning more than 100 countries that equips and encourages leaders to see their companies and careers as powerful tools for Kingdom building. This piece is based on his new book “Do Your Children Believe? Becoming Intentional about your Family’s Faith and Spiritual Legacy.”


Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor