Our world is rapidly changing and soon the only personal identification will be a digital one; physical driver’s licenses, birth certificates, social security cards, and passports, etc., that have heretofore been accepted as valid identification, will be obsolete. With digital currency and a cashless world coming, digital identification will be needed for a basket of functions, including financial services!

As ominous as that data is, consider further what Bill Gates has stated: electronic tattoos will replace smartphones, WITH THOSE ELECTRONIC TATTOOS BEING PLACED ON THE PHYSICAL BODY. Connecting the dots – and adding the detail that the digital ID will be connected to a coming microneedle patch vaccine (which simultaneously leaves behind a scannable, invisible-to-the-naked-eye quantum dot tattoo at the vaccination site), then time must be very short for the faithful, who wisely refuse their invisible vaccine mark stamp digital ID e-tattoo needed to buy or sell. God’s word states:

He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, so that NO ONE COULD BUY OR SELL UNLESS HE HAD THE MARK, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name. (Rev 13:16,17)

Please be aware that an obvious and clear announcement may not necessarily be made that the vaccine or the electronic tattoo (or digital ID) will be required to “buy and sell;” the powers that be may present it as merely a “security measure” to enable you to access your accounts – a “protection against hackers” or as the solution to “get back to normal” and “get on with our lives.”

Furthermore, the mark of the beast will not be administered in similar fashion as the deceptive “end-times” movies where everyone will recognize the mark for what it is and publicly make a pledge of allegiance to the beast system. Remember, deceit is prospering (Daniel 8:25). The Bible clearly states that the inhabitants of the earth WILL BE DELUDED AND DECEIVED INTO TAKING THE MARK OF THE BEAST (2 Thess. 2:11; Rev. 13:14; 19:20). So, be on your guard.

The lethal warning to all who would receive the bodily mark needed to buy or sell is explicit: ALL, even “THE SAINTS” who do, will be thrown into the lake of fire (Rev. 14:9-12).

Before the overcomers get beheaded (Rev. 20:4), they will go into captivity. Such requires PATIENT ENDURANCE and FAITHFULNESS ON THE PART OF THE SAINTS (Rev. 13:10). The pressure will be relentless and intense as the restrictions extend to being essentially penniless, and potentially homeless, because you won’t be able to access your own money. Such is the worldwide TEST coming soon and there will be NO PRE TRIB RAPTURE to deliver the saints from such a time, as well as from the HATRED from non-overcomers.

The way to overcome is succinctly stated as, “They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; THEY DID NOT LOVE THEIR LIVES SO MUCH AS TO SHRINK FROM DEATH.” (Rev 12:11)

IF you are a Christian now, you must HOLD ON and not allow another to get your crown (Rev. 3:11). IF you are not a Christian, you better sincerely and humbly REPENT and place a SUBMISSIVE FAITH IN THE LORD JESUS CHRIST to follow and obey him until death to avoid the lake of fire (Acts 20:21; 26:20; 1 Thess. 1:9b; 2 Pet. 3:9; Rev. 2:10,11; etc.).

On a side note, various changing terms have been progressively used in the media: proof of vaccination (which will eventually be the quantum dot tattoo ON THE BODY), digital ID, electronic tattoo, and e-tattoo just to name some. Additionally, in the science and technology journals, multiple terms referring to the same item are found: smart patch, microneedle patch, nanopatch, and skin patch. The multiple terms and frequent change of terminology are confusing and misleading, perhaps as intended.

Come to the weekly Internet Church for more information as it unfolds, as well as to get sound spiritual food, which is so desperately needed in this late dark hour. PREPARE TO MEET GOD.

This article was submitted by Dan Corner of Evangelical Outreach.


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Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor