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The month of May has a growing significance for millions of Christians. There’s a movement that’s been taking place since the first century and it’s taking a new shape this year. May represents the time in our church calendar between Easter and Pentecost — the resurrection and the power of the Holy Spirit & the redemption and sending out. A new wave of this movement and momentum has been enflaming the hearts of believers worldwide for the Gospel: a GO Movement.

May is our catalyst; it is a month-long initiative to compel and equip every believer to engage in relational evangelism and ultimately to fulfill the Great Commission. This is a task that a united coalition of Christian leaders believe we’ll see completed in our lifetime.

This movement was birthed out of prayer, specifically, the Global Day of Prayer. In 2012, a German evangelist named Werner Nachtigal established Global Outreach Day – an annual evangelistic initiative on the last Saturday each May – a modern-day “sending out,” so to speak.  It is now celebrated as GO Day – May 29th in 2021. One day has blossomed into a larger initiative that now is bringing together millions from various ministries, denominations, countries, and backgrounds. The unified vision is to pray for every person in the world by name and introduce them to Jesus in the next decade.

It starts with each one of us – Every Believer a Witness. Everyone can reach someone by being intentional with those God has placed in their lives. Who is someone…someone in your workplace, in your neighborhood, in your family? Three simple steps will help you connect with them personally and introduce them to Jesus:

  • Prayer: Pray for 5: Who is someone in your workplace, school, neighborhood, or family that you can be praying for right now as we ask God to open doors for the Gospel? Pray for “BOB”: that God would give you a BURDEN for the lost (Rom 9:1-3); OPEN DOORS for the Gospel (Col 4:3); and that you would receive BOLDNESS to share (Eph 6:19-20)
  • Care: Find ways to show them you care. You can invite someone to your home for a meal, to meet for coffee, or to join you at a ballgame. You could call them or go on a walk together. Be alert to God’s promptings and ways you can authentically care for the people around you, physically or virtually.
  • Share: As God opens doors, lovingly and appropriately share Jesus with them. Be courageous and loving in starting a conversation about Jesus in person, over the phone, through text, or via social media. People need a true source of hope in a world that’s burdened with fear. Need help? We have some of the best training and tools to help you.

Don’t do it alone. Invite others to join you in the challenge. It doesn’t stop in May, rather, this month is the catalyst to a global moment, creating a surge of prayer and evangelism that ripples into the rest of the year, every year.

Now, more than ever, our world needs unity. From conservatives to charismatics, across denominations, believers and ministries are coming together in pursuit of one shared goal and clear biblical mandate: to reach the world with the Gospel. Will you GO?

Go to the website to get involved and receive daily encouragement and top resources.

Everyone can reach someone, and together, we can reach the world.

Let’s Go!


Dave Gibson – The U.S. Director for the GO Movement, Dave Gibson, who serves as Director of Missions and Evangelism at Grace Church in Minnesota, shared about the model of prayer-care-share in order to reach people for Christ, which is emphasized during the month of May, including GO21. You can find out more at


Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor